Basic Essentials 5 qt. Pressure Cooker

Sears offers this Basic Essentials 5-qt. Aluminum Pressure Cooker, model no. TTU-18403, for $19.99.  Select the free in-store pickup to avoid $5.75 shipping fee.

Basic Essentials 5 qt. Pressure Cooker Product Description

Under pressure, the internal temperature rises above the normal boiling point of water, causing roasts, stews, soups and vegetables to cook faster. The shorter cooking time saves energy as well as more of the nutrients and flavors in the food. The pressurized steam tenderizes meats naturally, leaving them moist and succulent. Basic Essentials cookware is produced to our exacting standards. This pressure cooker is constructed of high-quality aluminum and is designed to promote efficient cooking. Aluminum has high heat-conductivity and distributes heat evenly.

  • Reduces Cooking Time Up to 70%
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Triple Safety Valves
  • Auto Lock
  • Saves Nutrients and Energy
  • Lightweight, Easy to Operate