Fisher-Price Toy Story Pizza Planet

Amazon offers this Fisher-Price Imaginext Disney/Pixar Toy Story Pizza Planet Playset, model no. W9645, for $39 with free shipping.

Fisher-Price Toy Story Pizza Planet Playset Product Features

  • Boys can play out their favorite toy Story 3 moments with Imaginext Pizza Planet
  • Place Buzz on the entrance disc to move the guard spears
  • Features disc activated claw
  • Blast Zurg with projectile launchers
  • Imaginext unlocks an imaginative world of adventure with every turn of its figures

The Imaginext Pizza Planet creates an iconic playset from one of the most memorable moments of the Toy Story Franchise. When Buzz and the Aliens approach the door to get inside they Buzz can get on the disc to move the guards’ spears and open the door. Once Buzz and the Aliens are inside they can get into his classic battle with Zurg! Buzz can get through the door on the rocket ship or operate the claw with the disc on top. The aliens can get into the rocket ship and blast Zurg with the projectile launcher! If that doesn’t work, hit the target to release the boulder to knock him over! Also on the outside the set has a blast off game where Buzz or Zurg can go for a spinning ride as they blast off! The set includes the playset with disc activating entrance, and disc activated claw, Spinning planet in the middle, ramp and boulder, moving alien head soda fountain, Rocket ship with projectile, Buzz, Aliens and Zurg.