Petco Black Friday 2012 Deals


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Store Overview from

We’re committed to providing a safe, healthy and humane environment for companion animals in our stores and to setting a standard for pet parents to follow.

At Petco, animals always come first, and ourpeople make it happen.

We hire passionate, dedicated animal-lovers to work at Petco. Our associates are in our stores every day, interacting with customers and helping them make the right choices to care for their pets. To ensure they’re experts in animal care, we invest in ongoing, advanced training and education for all store associates and managers.

All Petco associates must…

  • treat animals humanely at all times.
  • successfully complete all required training and pass a comprehensive exam before working with animals in our stores.
  • adhere to stringent, industry-leading animal care policies, procedures and veterinary-approved guidelines.
  • ensure fresh food and water is available to all animals at all times.
  • inspect animal habitats hourly and ensure they have what they need and that any animal requiring care gets it.
  • immediately separate any animal with any illness from other animals for treatment by the store’s veterinarian as soon as possible.
  • ensure all animal habitats meet veterinarian-approved guidelines, including appropriate food, materials and the number of animals housed in each.
  • work with Petco’s Animal Care Service Managers (ACSMs) to ensure all animal care standards are met at all times.
  • work with the local veterinarian partners to provide additional animal care and support as needed.
  • immediately report any non-compliance with our animal care policies either to a Petco manager or to our anonymous Animal Care Hotline.

We strive for perfection, but with more than 1,100 stores, mistakes can happen. We are deeply distressed if any animal in our stores does not receive proper care, and when we learn of a concern, we will investigate it immediately and take prompt, appropriate action. Anyone with a concern about animal care in our stores can contact us directly and toll-free at 1-888-824-7257.

Upon learning of a specific concern about our animal care, we will immediately:

  • ask for complete details, including store location, animals involved and any other pertinent information.
  • investigate the situation with the help of appropriate management and Companion Animal Specialists.
  • take appropriate action, including terminating the employment of any associate who has not adhered to Petco’s animal care standards.