FREE Cell Phone Suction Mat

HoboNinja offers this Cell Phone Suction Mat in four colors for $2.99. Apply coupon code FREE-SUCTION to make it free, with free shipping.

This cell phone suction mat features:

  • Holds your phone down and in one spot
  • Features soft silicone construction
  • 24 suction cups – 12 on each side
  • Needs a smooth surface to work

Note: If you use a coupon code to receive this item free, it will ship within 30 days of ordering and you must remain an active subscriber of the HoboNinja newsletter. If it’s part of a paid order, it will ship right away! One per household. Additional orders will be canceled.

Make sure your phone is where you left it with the Cell Phone Suction Mat! 12 ‘suckers’ on each side of this soft silicone mat hold on to your phone while at the same time holding to whatever smooth surface you choose to stick it to! Great for driving or just about any occasion where your phone could slide into catastrophe!