$40 – Diablo 3 Game for Windows

TigerDirect.com offers the Diablo III for Windows for $59.99 with free shipping.  A $20 mail-in rebate reduces it to $39.99 .  Rebate expires on 8/25/12.

Diablo 3 Game for Windows


Diablo 3 Action RPG Video Game 

A fallen star burns across the sky, signaling the rebirth of a long-forgotten evil, and calling mortal heroes to arms once more. This limited edition collector’s set commemorates your return to the darkened world of Sanctuary. Inside, you’ll find a treasure trove of rare and legendary items to aid you in your apocalyptic battles at the End of Days.

What Is Diablo 3 and Why You Need It:

  • New Epic Storyline – Takes this story to new heights (and depths), and exploring parts of Sanctuary we’ve only hinted at in the past.
  • Skill Runes – Give you unprecedented control over your skills and powers, changing elemental damage types, accuracy, and area of effect
  • Followers – Sometimes a hero needs a helping hand. Followers, champions brave enough to join you in battle against the Burning Hells
  • Seamless Interaction – Rather than hoarding skill points and holding off on improving your abilities while you wait levels for an ideal build, Diablo III lets you “respec” your skills readily to experiment with interesting choices.
  • Achievements – You’ll be able to show off your achievements with a battle standard, a banner visible to all players on Battle.net that will be a visual representation of your accomplishments in Diablo 3